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Should I repair or replace my skylight?

One of the questions we are asked often at Auckland Skylights is whether to replace or repair a skylight. If you want to learn more read on.

Leaking Skylight

5 instances where skylight repair may not be the best option

1. One barrier to repairing skylights is getting parts. A number of manufacturers have gone out of business or have opted to only supply off-the-shelf skylights and not parts.


2. If you currently have a skylight with blinds, or a mechanically opening skylight, and these also need upgrading, it may be that a newer model of blind no longer fits, or that newer motors cannot be fitted for the same brand or software.

3. Some types of skylights like acrylic domes with frames/bases, are no longer locally supported due to changes in government policy for passive house new builds.


4. Often we will find when roofs are replaced the skylight is reflashed. Particularly with older skylights, when they are removed as part of this process, this can lead to breakages in the skylight framing due the skylight sitting in the same place for a number of years. When it is removed the frame flexes and on reinstallation the skylight may not function as it should.


5. Lastly, as a general rule, when there is scaffolding involved we recommend you replace the flashings and skylight to save you the cost of going back later.


Given the above what can be repaired?

In many cases repairing the skylight can be straightforward. We recently visited a customer where the repair fix was relatively easy.  It involved retightening the flashing fixings, installing a new washer on the existing flashings, and sealing the fixing.

Sometimes a repair is a simple as cleaning the skylight under-flashing kit from organic material, and installing a new winder, for example.

More involved repair work can involve new flashings, or a new skylight installed on existing flashings, removing surface rust, replacing glass, sealing glass, or putting on a new dome cover.

In summary the option to repair is best diagnosed on a case by case basis. The team at Auckland Skylights has extensive experience in this area and can help with this assessment. 



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