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Curious About Skylights? Here Are 10 Common Questions Answered

Are skylights worth the investment? Who can install them? What types are available? How long do they last? If you're pondering these questions, you're not alone.

At Auckland Skylights, we receive numerous inquiries like these from our customers every day and are always eager to provide our experienced insights. Skylights have the potential to transform a space, yet they also require careful consideration. In this blog, we'll delve into some of the key queries that we frequently encounter from our customers, shedding light on the benefits and considerations of skylight installation.

Table of contents:

1. How long do skylights last?

The lifespan of a skylight typically ranges from 15 to 20 years, provided it's correctly installed and maintained. The crucial factor is the integrity of the factory seal between the glass and metal cladding, which can degrade over time. Regular roof maintenance can help detect and prevent potential leaks.

2. Do skylights always leak?

No, skylights don’t inherently leak. Leaks often stem from installation errors rather than inherent flaws in the skylight itself. Proper installation following manufacturer guidelines greatly reduces the risk of leaks. It's advisable to replace aging skylights before they compromise and lead to leaks. See our post on how to fix leaking skylights - hyperlink

3. Who can install skylights?

Skylights are typically installed by experienced roofers or roofing companies. Ensuring the installer adheres to manufacturer instructions is crucial for a leak-free installation. Seek reputable installers through online reviews, referrals, or manufacturer-certified contractors, or let Auckland skylights install for you.

4. What are the different types of skylights?

Skylights come in various types catering to different needs:

  • · Fixed skylights

  • · Manual vented skylights

  • · Electric vented skylights

  • · Solar-powered vented skylights

  • · Sun tunnels (solar tubes) skylights

Custom options and accessories like blinds and automation are also available, albeit at a higher cost. See our web on products and services to find out more - hyperlink

5. What is the difference between a skylight and a sun tunnel?

Sun tunnels, also known as solar tubes, differ from traditional skylights in their design and purpose. While skylights are larger and directly expose a room to natural light, sun tunnels channel sunlight through a reflective tube, ideal for spaces with limited roof space or where direct light isn’t necessary. See our post on the difference between sun tunnels and skylights here hyperlink to blog post

6. Can you replace skylights?

Yes, aging or damaged skylights can and should be replaced to avoid leaks and maintain energy efficiency. See our post on repair or replace your skylight here hyperlink to blog post

7. How much does skylight installation cost?

Skylight installation costs vary based on factors like skylight type, size, complexity, and geographic location. Typically, they come with a 20 year warranty, and we find that some may need replacing at around 35 years. Given that there are so many variables to consider it is hard to give an average cost, however, we pride ourselves in being able to gauge a price in just one phone call. Call us today! 09 440 9820.

8. Are skylights outdated?

Skylights remain a popular choice for bringing natural light into homes and buildings while adding architectural interest and visual appeal.

9. Are skylights energy efficient?

Skylights can be highly energy efficient when installed with modern, insulated glazing, and designed to optimize daylighting while minimizing heat transfer. Many areas of New Zealand are well suited to Skylights, especially areas where natural light is abundant.

10. Are skylights worth it?

Skylights are worth it for the numerous benefits they offer, including reducing the need for artificial lighting during the day, enhancing indoor air quality and mood, and potentially increasing property value by creating bright, inviting spaces

Ready to Illuminate Your Home? With these answers, you're equipped to make informed decisions about skylights. Finding a reputable supplier and qualified installer is key to ensuring a successful and long-lasting installation.

The team at Auckland Skylights is here to help you every step of the way.

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