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Replacing or Repairing Old Skylights?

One of the questions homeowners ask #AucklandSkylights is about the pros and cons of repairing and replacing skylights. Can you improve energy efficiency? If you want to learn more read on.

A barrier to repairing skylights is getting parts. A number of manufacturers have gone out of business inc international brands like #Roto which left the skylight market or parts for off the shelf skylights inc #Velux are not readily available requiring total replacement. An example might be changes in sizes supplied or change in configuration of the skylight which means newer motors cannot be fitted for the same brand or software. Types of skylights like #acrylicdomes with frames/bases, are no longer locally supported due to changes in government policy for passive house new builds.

Often we will find when rooves are replaced the skylight is reflashed. Particularily with older skylights when removing the skylight can lead to breakages in skylight framing due the skylight sitting in the same place for a number of years, flexing on removal and reinstall causes the skylight to fail.

Generally where there is scaffolding involved we recommend you replace the flashings and skylight to save you the cost of going back later.

Given the above what can be repaired?

Repairing the skylight can be straightforward like a #BarfootandThompson customer we recently visited. It involved Retightening the flashing fixings, installing a new washer on the existing flashings and sealing the fixing, it could also involve cleaning the skylight underflashing kit from organic material, installing a new winder. More involved repair work can involve the new flashings, or a new skylight on existing flashings, removing surface rust, replacing - sealing glass, or putting on a new dome cover.

#AucklandSkylights can help with this assessment.

If replacing the skylight

Should I install an off the shelf ( #Velux or #Keylite) vs Custom Fitting Skylight by a local manufacturer #Adlux ?

Why would I install custom skylight doesn't it cost more?

The answer is not necessarily,

Generally when replacing, a custom or off the shelf skylight that fits the existing opening is best. Installing Custom Skylights saves the cost of reframing, relining painting the lightwell and ceiling of the room to allow for a new size. As you would appreciate this can add upto quite a sum.

In #rental #tenancy or #landlord #propertymanager situations where fittings may need to be more robust. We can install custom winders, replace vented skylights to ensure natural ventilation in bathrooms, privacy or special glass which is not available for off the shelf models.

Lastly when looking at you skylight replacement perhaps a good time to consider improving and creating a more #energyefficient design for your existing home that lowers overall consumption of #energy. #AucklandSkylights is your sustainability partner.

A energy efficient design can be a roof design allowing natural sunlight into your home eliminating the need & amount of artificial lighting, lowering energy costs. And it can be an #interiordesign which allows air to naturally ventilate and keep it cooler, reducing A/C and mechanical vents energy used to cool, vent and help prevent mould growth in the home or work place.

We can naturally ventilate your #attic space, provide roof and ceiling access #hatches and #atticladders. Excessive heat can damage rooves, ceiling space - stored items, electronic devices in ceiling cavities causing it to prematurely fail.

Improving design in existing buildings can impact your #well-being and increase #productivity being in a enjoyable environment. Want to learn more reach out to #AucklandSkylights as your #sustainability partner.



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