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Natural Lighting - Skylights, Roof Access, Ventilation, Climate mitigation at work

Today we had a customer reach out about natural light in her bathroom - available options being either sun tunnels (more affordable) or skylights. After reviewing information on this building, it is like a number of new terrace buildings and dwellings of 3+ stories having difficult or no roof access which require scaffolding to undertake works.

The recommended option is to combine roof skylight infrastructure with roof access which offers a range of solutions and creates multiple benefits making them a valuable addition to the building(s). First and foremost, selecting the right skylight/hatch can provide convenient access and egress to rooftops, facilitating installation of new building infrastructure (#airconditioning  #solarpanels #solarwaterheating or other equipment) maintenance, inspection of existing fixtures like  #gutters and emergency evacuation. With safety features combined like guardrails and roof anchors/static lines, roof access hatches prioritize the well-being of users. Moreover, they can enhance security by allowing controlled access and be locked when not in use. Opening Roof hatches can double as a skylight, or have built-in air vents to help mitigate the effects of climate changes raising temperatures in the building through increasing continuous airflow and ventilation in existing buildings, while also bringing in natural light, reducing reliance on artificial lighting. Overall, the benefits of roof access encompass safety, convenience, energy efficiency, and enhanced functionality for both commercial and residential buildings.

Lastly the economics of installing roof access skylight is paid by the savings achieved in removing the requirement of safe access scaffolding to undertake scheduled maintenance work or install new equipment. Regular maintenance of gutters and the like - reduce bills in the long term. Like health care, if we can prevent major health issues by screening, we save loads of the downstream costs. Installing roof access removes a cost barrier to the ongoing & safe completion of the screening and maintenance work.

Reach out to Auckland Skylights Limited or our sister company Effective Climate Solutions Limited to learn more about how we design democratisation and climate mitigation into autonomous installed infrastructure for practical outcomes.



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