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Insurance, Storms and Property Damage

With the recent storms battering the country you may find water leaking into your home from your skylight or roof. If you're wondering, "Will insurance pay for my skylight replacement, repair , water damage from the leak and callout to secure my home from the weather" read on. This is a question we are often asked at Auckland Skylights Limited

Will My Insurance Cover Skylight Replacement? Insurance Coverage Depends on Your Policy, As soon as you see damage to your Skylights, you should contact Auckland Skylights and your insurance company to submit a claim.

Whether or not the policy will cover the skylight repair or replacement and internal water damage can depend on:

  • Specific policy provisions

  • Type of damage

  • Age of Skylight

  • When and how the skylight damage occurred

When making your claim, your insurance company may send out a insuance appointed assessor to inspect the skylight and internal water damage. Or rely on the report and evidence prepared by Auckland Skylights. Based on that inspection/information, your insurance provider will decide whether to accept your claim .

Depending on your policy, even if your storm damage is covered you may not get the full amount as your insurance provider may depreciate the asset value for wear and tear, paying for part of the cost of replacement. Some policies cover recoverable depreciation so this potential deduction isn't an issue, you will need to chat your insurance advisor on your policy wording.

On accepted claims Insuance companies typically ask us to collect excess or agreed amount you are contributing on the policy and pay for the remainder of the works.

Getting The Most From Your Insurance

Auckland Skylights Has The Experience Working On Insurance Claims

Working with insurance claims can be involved and complicated. As experienced roof fixture installers with team members having over 35 years of experience of repairing and replacing Skylights and other roof fixtures in Auckland.

Auckland Skylights Limited is your best support for working with your insurance company to discuss the condition of your skylights and resultant water damage. *We confirm approved claims are solely at the discretion of your insurance provider*

Before Storm Cover

Lastly given severity of climate events we recommend reviewing your policy with your Insurance Provider before the storm to ensure coverage of your property and any new fixtures like solar panels, you will then be able to enjoy and look forward to sunnier days ahead.

Services We Provide

Auckland Skylights are experienced in Storm and other damage, and will be happy to assist you with your claim providing our insurance report to you based on information gathered at time of call out and discussing your claim.

Auckland Skylights take care of project managing your work. From securing the roof, to repair or replacement of Skylights. All the way through to reinstating water damaged ceilings, stopping & painting, scaffolding and other trades (if required), health and safety.



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