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How to fix a leaking skylight

A leaking skylight is no fun. Here are a few things to check when it comes to skylight repair and maintenance.

A leaking skylight is no fun. You might notice your skylight is leaking when it rains or only in certain winds, you may even discover leaves and debris on the floor.

At Auckland Skylights we generally find that improper skylight installation and/or skylight roof pitch choice are the main cause of skylight leaks. The skylight must be fitted precisely to the opening made for it. If the fitting is not done correctly, you may experience leaks right away, or they might occur within a few weeks, months, or when the flashing begins to fail.

In our experience these are the five common fixes for a leaking skylight.

Fitting a Skylight

1. Replace the Flashing

Flashing's are metal/lead/concrete mortar installed specifically to prevent projecting roof elements from developing leaks around their sides. Quality metal flashing needs to be installed around the skylight to keep it from leaking. Unfortunately, even the best flashing is prone to wear out much sooner than other roofing elements, especially by the beach.

2. Check the Insulation

Without enough insulation – or no insulation at all – warm air will flow up freely from inside the house. When it touches the acrylic dome or pane of glass, condensation can result. Often in homes it is seen by way of single glazed windows in winter “crying”, or dropping water. In some cases, rain can also infiltrate poorly insulated spaces, destroying more insulation as it leaks through providing the opportunity for mould to grow. Check out Auckland Skylights mechanical ventilation options for the home.

3. Pitched Skylight In Low Pitch Roof 

A common issue we find is pitched skylights requiring 15 degree minimum pitch of roof, being installed into a low pitch roof below 15 degrees. This requires the right type of skylight to be installed into the home.

At Auckland Skylights we can provide solutions that do not require you to invest in the expensive process of reframing the light well to install a standard off-the-shelf product including plastering and repainting the ceiling.

4. Replace the Weather Seals or Glass

Weather seals provide a waterproof barrier to further support all the elements that keep your roof leak-free. If your skylight is leaking, the weather seals may have aged and peeled thanks to exposure to the intense sun. In some instances the glass may have fogged between the glass like below example from Auckland Skylights Limited inspection visit.


Fogged glass on Skylight


5. Replace the Skylight Itself

Skylight replacement is necessary in any case where there are cracks in the frame, glass or dome. A weathered frame, or cracked glass or dome may be the reason your skylight is leaking if you have had an intense storm. Small hailstones often cause chipping or tears in acrylic domes. Minor damage can grow worse over time, and then one direct hit from a larger stone may cause a crack. Or in the case of domes, cracks formed in storms can grow quickly to cause the dome to be ripped off the roof from intense winds.


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