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H1 What is it and how does it affect my skylights?

H1 is the minimum thermal performance requirements under Current Building Code

Generally speaking Skylights comply if you follow the rules below

Table from H1/AS1 includes a specific set or performance requirements for skylights, which are higher than those required for vertical windows in most areas.

Use of the Schedule method of compliance limits the size of the skylight to 1.5m2 or 1.5% of the total roof area, and the values from Table E.1.1.1 do not apply! Beyond these limits the performance of the skylight will need to be calculated and the thermal envelope compensated elsewhere for its comparably reduced thermal performance.

We have included the link to the window and glass association for your information and further research.

This does not constitute advice and you should consult your registered local building professional, architect for confirmation of H1 compliance for your specific property



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