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We believe in the positive effects of daylight and ventilation on human health and building performance.

Natural light and proper ventilation improves the following

Energy Costs
Property Value
Vitamin D
Internal Clock
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Saving Electricity and Optimizing Ventilation

Strategic natural light solutions reduce energy costs because they help to brighten, heat or cool your space without electricity. They further help ventilate your home to keep it clean and mould free. Mould thrives in the dark, and making sure your home is exposed to plenty of sunlight and good ventilation prevents the spores from taking hold.

Sky Light

Our light solutions are ideal for attics, house extensions and loft conversions. Increase your livable space and gain more light in dark hallways or bathrooms.


Perfect for bringing natural light into your home, where ventilation is not necessary. Fixed roof windows flawlessly blend in and add value to your space whilst being visually appealing. Fixed roof windows are regularly used in residential or large foyers/halls. You can select from custom or off the shelf options.

Fixed Roof Window

Sky Light

Maximize natural light and ventilation with a manual, electric or solar top hung roof window. Perfect for homes that need natural light whilst welcoming in fresh air from outside. Two remote control options are available: Solar or electric; which come with a remote and rain sensor for ease of use. In bush settings, you can also select an insect screen or a blackout blind for bedroom/ media room use.

Top Hung Roof Window

Sky Light

Vented roof windows and domes provide ventilation to your home through vents in the skylight. They are generally used in bathrooms and laundry rooms to help prevent moisture build up. These are designed without the requirement to open or close a window. 

Vented Roof Window

Sky Light

An ideal choice that creates brighter, lighter living spaces by sending natural light into your home. These windows are created for easy to reach manual operation situations, providing an unobtrusively placed handle at the top of the window which opens the window. Centre pivot roof windows rotate 180° which allows easy, safe cleaning.

Centre Pivot

Sky Light

With a specially constructed dome, a tubular skylight has been engineered to capture the most sunlight possible, fitted with a diffuser for an even spread of light in hallways, living areas and bathrooms. Diffusers are thermally evaluated utilising an exclusive and innovative triple lens configuration. Tubulars can be fitted with dampeners to turn off light when used in a bedroom or media room.


Sky Light

A popular natural light alternative, typically found in schools, community centres, facilities, factories and homes. Spanlites consist of clear/opal acrylic roof sheeting that brings light into diverse spaces. They come in a fixed non-vent, vent and manual opening options. If you have any damaged, leaking or aged Domes, Cameos and Deklites, these can be simply replaced or repaired by our team.  

Acrylic Skylights – Domes

velux super dome acrylic

Domestic and industrial polycarbonate or fibreglass sheeting for glazing/roofing is an energy-efficient and cost-effective design option. By reducing glare, they allow high levels of diffused natural light into the building. Filtering harmful ultraviolet radiation and reflecting out a large percentage of infrared waves thereby reducing heat transmission. Providing comfort and saving energy costs. Large single level buildings like supermarkets, shopping centers, warehouses and factories are prime examples of buildings benefiting from heat reduction sheeting.

Skylight Roofing Sheets

Sky Light

We have a vast range of replacement products in different shapes and sizes for most existing brands and service ranges which have ceased operations like Natural Light Solutions, Roto and others. Contact us so we can replace or repair your current natural lighting window today.​

Replacements & Repairs

We have a range of roof windows that are available for any building. From round, bespoke, vented, glass and more, we provide a number of customizable solutions to suit your needs. Get in touch and let us transform your home so you can live in a lighter and brighter space.



Too many times, home and building owners install the wrong skylights or flashings for their roof.  When looking for solutions, avoid these common pitfalls:

Flashings need to be wide enough to cover ribs

Installing Skylights into the ridge or barge flashing can cause leaking

Battons are not rebated

Upstand too small for tropical rain events

Under flashing should not be used if there are trees, to avoid organic material gets trapped in it


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If you want to increase natural light in your building, talk to us. We can tailor a natural light solution that fits your specific wishes and requirements.

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